No lifestyle change is straightforward. While taking a more conscious approach to fitness, health and diet, we encountered endless struggles in an oversaturated and unimaginative fitness supplement market. As a direct response, we created BODYBOX; an innovative, beautifully designed, time-saving product that caters to the modern consumer and addresses issues we experienced first hand. The individually packaged, self-contained and pre-measured products would make BODYBOX the most convenient product on the health and fitness supplement on the market.


When designing the brand identity of BODYBOX, we wanted users of any age, gender or ability to feel like the box was intended for them. The tailor-made packages were defined by a single colour that would accompany the black and white primary brand colours. The simple branding provided a versatile base that would allow us to develop new product ranges as the business grew.

We focused on user experience by developing all products as single-use sachets, stored in a convenient, transportable day pouch. We saved space and time for users while ensuring an accurately measured dosage every time. Working with the R&D departments of our suppliers, dieticians and fitness experts, we created 5 individually tailored product ranges for differing goals and lifestyles.
Working directly with a number of factories around the world, we developed a totally bespoke box, insert, pouches and sachets that met all food standards and hygiene requirements for trade in the UK. The elegant box was constructed from a heavyweight paper, embossed and printed. After a gentle sliding motion, users would find another embossed inner cover holding the contents in place and greet users with relevant guides and information, before revealing their week’s supply of products.
Single-use pouches and sachets were made to measure and finished in a crisp matte white aluminium food-grade packaging. The print was applied to all pouches while a square sticker was developed for Sachets to indicate the product specifications, use-by dates and directions for use. This included materials used, ingredients, allergy information and minimum font sizes.
Our initial five product ranges, we used a single colour on all additional printed information and to seal each pouch with a coloured sticker. The tamper-proof and easily tearable sticker would ensure each pouch was secure and provided an overview of the contents inside. By using colour coded pouch stickers and transparent sachet stickers, we were able to use generic pouches and sachets to cut costs, reduce waste and prevent overstocking of one product range.
To support users in achieving their goals, we created a user guide for each plan that would be sent out with suggestions on diet and exercise. Our findings from scientific reports and experts in nutrition/sports science allowed us to provide reliable information about the effects of each supplement with a simple how-to on advised times to consume.