Soccer Assist was founded after personal experience playing soccer in the states. The founders noticed a lack of support they received from their scholarship agency and upon their return home they decided to set up their own agency which would provide a client-centric approach offering a personalised service to student athletes. Soccer Assist came to us with the brief for a complete¬† redesign of their website. They had previously built it themselves using a website builder and it wasn’t delivering the results to support their growth which they needed to elevate their agency to new heights. Additionally, they were launching their own soccer academy in Milton Keynes and needed a new logo to fit into their existing brand and represent their company on their home turf.


We decided to start from scratch and build Soccer Assist an entirely new site on WordPress, this platform was most suitable as it enabled the team to manage the content of their website in a user-friendly CMS as they produced blogs for the website weekly. The redesign of the website was focused on utilising the existing websites abundance of content and improving it with a well designed layout whilst maintaining a user-friendly experience.

The responsive website was built with a focus on the customer journey, the information was clear to ensure prospects could find the relevant information at their stage in the decision making process, helping the business to convert more leads. The structure focused on giving informing the prospect about scholarships, why they should choose Soccer Assist, the process for applications, and how to sign up for a trail for the scholarship to ensure prospects were serious about their commitment. To support the prospects in their decisions for choosing Soccer Assist we ensured key information such as client testimonials, case studies and blogs were visible on the homepage to allow users to get all of the information they needed to know this soccer agency was the best place to start their scholarship to the states.