Being a forward-thinking and award winning chef requires an unrivalled talent, skill-set and a unique offering. Spencer came to us seeking a clear brand strategy to enhance his offering and put his talents to work. The briefs main focus was to help structure Spencer’s core offering to define his services in a way which communicated his value proposition to his key customer segments, this set a foundation for how we would develop a brand identity and architecture.


Collaborating with award winning chef Spencer Ollington, we created a brand identity that represented the chef’s unique personality while providing clarity on the structure and architecture of the clients brand. The different levels of service offered by Spencer were broken down and individually branded making a distinct value proposition for each of his brands core services, this included his main offering as Spencer Ollington: where the skilled chef would take his talents to create and cook a bespoke menu for a range of events. In addition to the main brand, we created two sub-brands – Eat with Spencer: was created to enable the client to take on dinner parties, special occasions and pop-up opportunities and Cook with Spencer: was designed to allow the client to offer cookery classes where customers could learn and cook with Spencer to develop their skills in the kitchen.
In addition to the brand identity we also created a range of deliverables from business cards, staff uniforms and a range of signage to be used at his pop-up events. In addition to the brand identity we crafted a beautifully clean website to communicate the client’s services and showcase his flair for food. This included a clear call to action at the top of the page so users could find exactly what they needed. We also embedded an Instagram feed so users could keep up to date with what Spencer was working on regularly in a visual format.
Our work with Spencer resulted in a clear positioning and a defined value proposition which supported him to win projects such as a pop-up eatery at Intu’s Centre:MK shopping district in collaboration with THOR’s Tipi Bar a nordic winter wonderland in the heart of town, complete with atmospheric open fires, cosy furs and a winter garden. Where his work received critical acclaim from local press and was featured on Intu’s social media feed gaining over 100k video views. Spencer was also selected as a chef for the Great British Food Festival and as a partner for IF Festival Milton Keynes where he used his Eat With Spencer sub-brand to showcase a street food dining experience.