Tanjent is a renewable energy startup which was conceived by two former fossil fuel entrepreneurs who felt a strong desire to make an impact with sustainable energy solutions. The client came to us to help them realise their vision of where they wanted to be and to create a clear roadmap for what they needed to achieve with their brand and digital presence ahead of launching their newly founded business, Our brief was simple: to develop a strong brand identity which would enable them to stand out from their competition and to create a sleek website design to help them communicate and connect a complex offering to their customers.


To create a road map to we ran multiple discovery sessions with the team to first identify identify their ‘why?’ which would help us develop their value proposition and their unique selling points. We also ran a competitive analysis to understand the marketplace and how Tanjent could differentiate themselves. This gave us a clear idea of what they needed to achieve to launch their business allowing us to build out a definitive scope of work for the project. Our solution was to create a brand identity that seized attention, and would help them stand out in a newly established, yet competitive market. The brand identity had to be unique but also had to be relatable to the founders entrepreneurial journey. Additionally, we would provide a website design which would communicate their complex offering in a simple and easy to understand format for mass market appeal.
The brand identity which we developed for Tanjent resulted in a clean, minimalistic yet distinctive identity. We wanted to create something relatable to their story but something which was unique and would help with their branded search terms by naming the company. The name creation was supported by a full brand identity design which included a logo, typefaces, colour pallets, brand stationery and a brand book to ensure the brand was applied consistently when working with partners across all channels.
We ‚Äčalso applied the brand by designing a beautiful website and application screens for the start up which were to be developed when the company was due to launch. This enabled them to have a clear blueprint of what was required for the digital applications as they scale and grow their business by adding additional features and functionality to their digital offering.